Festival of Lughnasadh

Cultural venues across the country throw open their doors on the night for free visits, tours, workshops, readings, performances, demonstrations and more. Here are the food highlights from around the country Performance, song, dance, and interactive community engagement are the focus as Galway plays host to The Night of the Harvest Moon in Merlin Woods, an evening of performance, song, and dance culminating in a feast for the community to share. From Italy to Bangladesh, your taste buds will be educated in flavours of the world, including a nod to the rising popularity of vegan food. There is a direct relationship between the farmer and the households who consume the food produced. Come for a walk around and meet some of the members. Enjoy a talk and tour about the watering system and demonstration the bicycle powered veg washer. Enjoy a short minute workshops to learn traditional food skills and enjoy the smell and taste of your own fresh bread. Workshops are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The challenge is split in four categories: All registered for the challenge have to bring what they wish to cook while WIN provides space, cooking stove etc.

Inis Mór (Inishmore)

It celebrates the first harvest of the year and the passing of summer into autumn. Lughnasadh makes up one of four Celtic cross-quarter festivals; Imbolac, the beginning of spring, Bealtaine , the beginning of summer and Samhain , the beginning of winter. The origins of Lughnasadh The celebration of Lughnasadh has been of great importance in Ireland since pre-historic times. He was a master in all skills including the arts and crafts and truth, oaths and the law who fathered the famous Irish warrior Cu Chulainn.

She was buried under a mound in an area known today as Teltown, County Meath an area between Kells and Meath. Customs celebrating Lughnasadh Hilltops, mountains, and on riverbanks are the main locations to celebrate Lughnasadh.

Matchmaking is an Irish tradition that’s as old as time. It began in Lisdoonvarna when visiting gentry came to ‘take the waters’ at this spa town and looked to match their .

Friday, October 26 Join us for an evening of drink specials, games, psychic readings, laughter, fun and plenty of elidgible lads and lassies! Lisdoonvarna was voted by Pittsbugh Magazine to be the 1 matchmaking event in the city. Lisdoonvarna is a spa town in County Clare, Ireland, famous for its annual matchmaking festival. The Matchmakers of old were the “dealers” who knew the farmers who had eligible sons and daughters all around the countryside of Ireland.

They invited the “eligible” lads and lassies to attend the festival and collected a generous dowry if they were successful in making a match. Here we celebrate the fact that because of the comfortable and friendly atmosphere that the Pub offers, people can come in, have a pint, relax and be themselves.

Our “matchmakers” will assist you in “making a match,” if you choose. Just walk up to one of the matchmakers and let them know who you “fancy,” and they would be happy to help you see if you can find, “Love at Lisdoonvarna! The owner is planning a matchmaking festival there, with goofy games starting at 9 p. It’s based on something that has been going on for more than a century in a spa town on the west coast of Ireland called Lisdoonvarna, which is Gaelic for “hard to pronounce.

Of course, if they hitches everyone up, it will become an even lousier town for singles, so maybe it’s a good thing the pub isn’t larger. Mullaney counts more than couples who were married after meeting at the pub, and the place only opened in At a reunion of these couples on Sept. Talk to some of these people and it’s clear that this formidable effort to stem Pittsburgh ‘s population loss comes precisely because Mullaney’s is no pick-up joint.

Celtic holidays – Lá Lúnasa, 1st of August

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Matchmaking is one of Ireland’s oldest traditions and, for the last couple of hundred years, a good deal of it has taken place in Lisdoonvarna during September and early October. The name Lisdoonvarna comes from ‘Lios Duin Bhearna’, which means the lios or enclosure of the fort in the gap.

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50 Unique Things To Do in Ireland

Opening Times for the Exhibition: Tickets available from Ticketmaster. Dancing takes place in venues all over the town and in the newly re-opened Spa Wells. The event runs over the weekend from Friday to Sunday with live bands in the marquee on Friday and Saturday nights. Custom Harley Bike Show on Saturday with some of the finest bikes you will ever see. Ballyvaughan Burren Peaks Weekend of Walking Festival The Burren Peaks weekend of walking festival promises you a real taste of the Burren and offers guided hill and lowland walks varying in distance and grade catering for all walkers.

Matchmaking The tradition of matchmaking reaches back a long way into the history of West Cork and its people. At a time when love matches were not the fashion and compulsory marriages – locally referred to with a fine turn of accuracy as ‘must marriages’ – unknown, the made match was generally in vogue.

Like most Celtic festivals, it anticipates an event. Celtic gods were a rather fiery bunch, much given to unpredicatable temper tantrums. Lugh was no exception and was known to show his anger in violent late summer storms that could wreck delicate crops just before they were gathered. So showing him respect, making sacrifices to him, or simply distracting him was called for. If his needs were completely satisfied, he would let them have a bountiful harvest.

Dance, music, art and poetry featured in this process, for Lugh was outstandingly gifted and skillful. Lugh and the leprechaun Among his many skills, Lugh was a master magician. He was also an accomplished smith, and combined these two abilities to forge magic weapons. Over time, Lugh’s story moulded him into a fairy craftsman, typically a shoemaker or tailor.

He was known as Lughchromain, meaning ‘little stooping Lugh’ and was famous for having a cranky, ill-tempered nature. Anglicised, this nickname developed into the word ‘leprechaun’. According to legend, he was a master of all crafts, from smith to harper via poet, sorcorer and sporting champion.

Irish Culture : Lughnasa festival

Detailed Itinerary Day 1: Take some time to relax and freshen up from your journey before your first exploration of this magnificent metropolis, which has a history of habitation dating back to the fourth century BC. You might also want to visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius also known as Cathedral of St.

Matchmaking is an ages-old tradition in Ireland, and Lisdoonvarna is home to the annual Matchmaking Festival, Europe’s largest single’s event. The festival takes place over six weekends from August to October and draws huge crowds of singles in search of love.4/5(1).

Copperplate Ceili Band The arrival of a new ceili band happens rarely enough on the set dancing scene that it generates a stir of excitement. A band needs more than luck to play at these events; they have to make great music and the Copperplate does that with ease. The three members of the band, Enda McGlone, Brian Ward and Eamonn Donnelly, on box, banjo and piano, make music that is both fun to dance to and thoroughly traditional.

They start each figure in perfect unison, play a mixture of familiar and unusual tunes with frequent and effortless changes, and waste no time between figures and sets. The Copperplate Ceili Band was formed in December Two of the musicians, Brian Ward and Eamonn Donnelly, had been playing in pubs for years as a two-piece band on guitar and piano.

Their music was everything but traditional—country, rock, pop and even jazz—but they had become tired of playing in pubs and were keen to try something new. They spent a couple of months practising and emerged as the Bees Knees. They soon learned that a Donegal rock band was already using that name and in the summer of became the Copperplate Ceili Band, after the reels bearing that title.

One half of it was for ceili dancing and the second half was their first time playing for set dancing. However, the lads are just as pleased to be playing for an increasing number of local ceilis north and south.

Local Events & Festivals

Located just a few miles south of Bundoran, in Co. Mayo is one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland, so if you want to explore more of it check out my friends post on unique things to do in Mayo. Go night kayaking on Lough Hyne This is one of the most unique things to do in Ireland and is well worth the drive down to West Cork.

A long held traditional in this central town on the southern edges of the scenic Burren area, is the matchmaking festival. After the harvests in September, young farmers from all over Ireland would shuffle into Lisdoonvarna to find themselves a potential wife, with the help of the ‘basadoiri’ or matchmakers.

Visit Website In addition to causing trouble and damaging crops, Celts thought that the presence of the otherworldly spirits made it easier for the Druids, or Celtic priests, to make predictions about the future. For a people entirely dependent on the volatile natural world, these prophecies were an important source of comfort and direction during the long, dark winter. To commemorate the event, Druids built huge sacred bonfires, where the people gathered to burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic deities.

When the celebration was over, they re-lit their hearth fires, which they had extinguished earlier that evening, from the sacred bonfire to help protect them during the coming winter. One quarter of all the candy sold annually in the U. In the course of the four hundred years that they ruled the Celtic lands, two festivals of Roman origin were combined with the traditional Celtic celebration of Samhain. The first was Feralia, a day in late October when the Romans traditionally commemorated the passing of the dead.

The second was a day to honor Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees. Pope Gregory III later expanded the festival to include all saints as well as all martyrs, and moved the observance from May 13 to November 1. By the 9th century the influence of Christianity had spread into Celtic lands, where it gradually blended with and supplanted the older Celtic rites. All Souls Day was celebrated similarly to Samhain, with big bonfires, parades, and dressing up in costumes as saints, angels and devils.

Ireland’s Last Matchmaker