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The property is a quite setting that offers plenty of relaxation. Easy access to hiking trails, ATV and hunting. A large fire pit to enjoy with family and friends. Large Hot Tub for relaxing in! The property is secluded a and quite setting that offers plenty of relaxation. This cabin has all the amenities of home with appliances, furniture and TV’s in every room. A large bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, family room, a large back yard, TV and WIFI, a gas grill and a fire pit. Large Hot Tub for relaxing.

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The Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) is an organization that works within the Republican Party to advocate equal rights for LGBT people in the United States.. On February 15, , the National Board of Directors named Gregory T. Angelo as President.

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From Raggedy School Bus to Cabin on Wheels

We stopped for diesel once and then again for lunch. We were hungry and I had just remarked that the Texas highway department would do us all a favor if they put more rest stops along the highway when a blue rest stop sign appeared. I guess they heard me. It was a little late for lunch, but the rest stop looked green and serene. We pulled into a nice long spot by a picnic table and opened up the trailer.

I was in the midst of making sandwiches when another Airstream pulled in to the rest stop!

Aug 31,  · One side is log covered with wood siding and is the house originally on the land. Added to it is a log cabin that I would like to get an approximate date of its original construction. This side had been deconstructed, moved, then reconstructed to the original home.

Cherokee NC Cabin Rentals Cherokee North Carolina is the vacation hot spot of the smoky mountains with its spectacular natural mountain beauty and ancient cultural attractions! Western North Carolina has been home to the Cherokee Indians for longer than records can tell. In fact archeological artifacts dating over 11, years old suggest that the Cherokee people have lived in these mountains as far back as the end of the last ice age.

Today the Cherokee people respectfully preserve their history and culture while welcoming visitors from the nation that surrounds them. Though you will not need a passport to visit the NC Cherokee Indian Reservation , Cherokee itself will transport you to a living ancient culture. The Cherokee people share and give life to their culture at popular attractions like: The same mountain attractions that captured the spirit of the ancient Cherokee Indians will capture your spirit too.

The scenic smoky mountain views from every roadway are the first to call to your spirit.

Ohio couple discover log cabin behind panels in new home

Hand pieced, hand quilted. This fragment came from an unused quilt, the fabrics are still crisp. Hanging this quilt in different directions will graphically change its feel. The backing is also a wonderful s calico. Q Log Cabin Maltese Cross c.

Serenity Log Cabins’ website touts its Highland County location as “a romantic getaway for couples.” Situated in south-central Ohio, green forests and bubbling streams play host to cabins such as the Country Charm Cabin and the Nature’s Nook Cabin.

Sunday noon-5p Closed most major holidays-check with us in advance. Orange groves, tung oil farms and grain once grew here when this area was a bustling community in the ‘s, named Nashua. Northern settlers relocated to this area of Florida after the War Between the States. The biggest draw was the warm, tropical climate. Living close to the St Johns River was and still is a bonus, as fishing was abundant and the St Johns provided a gateway to other communities nestled along the river.

Today, our ten acres of commercial Muscadine grapes occupy our fertile farmland.

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We often build using the client’s trees, many of whom consider this the crowning feature of their hand hewn log home. All our hand hewn log cabins are constructed with straight grain trees we select and hew by hand. This allows us to design and build exactly what the client wants.

Bread. Beer. Bull Nestled in the woods on Route 19 The Log Cabin Inn was built around a historic cabin dating back to the early ’s. Upon entering you are immediately welcomed by the intimate, casual atmosphere complete with Colonial décor.

Log cabin is due back in Towson By Arthur Hirsch February 21, Years after it survived a fire, was dismantled and hauled away, a landmark of the East Towson African-American community is coming home. The so-called Jacob House, a 19th-century log cabin about the size of a living room, is expected back in town this summer, when the timbers will be driven down from near Mercersburg, Pa. Sitting on three acres in Howard County and accessed through a wrought-iron arch down a narrow lane, the property has been the home of year-old Priscilla Griffith for most of her adult life.

A roughly landscaped front garden contains the print of a fenced-in vegetable patch, harvested months ago. The path to the cottage is a dirt one; a brick walkway from its side entrance leads to the main house. Advertisement Log cabin transformed into s schoolhouse By Donna E. Boller and Donna E. Boller,Sun Staff Writer April 3, When Carroll County Farm Museum opens tomorrow for the season, the “fur trader’s cabin” will appear in a new role as a 19th-century one-room schoolhouse.

Staff members converted the small building — it measures 19 feet 4 inches by 15 feet 3 inches — to give visitors a taste of early American education. The school will feature a replica of a schoolmaster’s or schoolmarm’s desk made by an assistant county attorney whose hobby is woodworking.

Cabin living off the grid in frigid Alaska a labor of love

We think exploring this site is what exploring ghost towns used to be like 50 years ago! We can tell by the old equipment in the junkyard that this site was mined first back in the early ‘s and then reworked as late as the ‘s. All the equipment inside the mill buildings and there was a TON of equipment is in fantastic shape! We even found a brand new engine!

A house in Hampton that started as a log cabin may be one of the oldest standing in Allegheny County, and it’s for sale again. The Walter House on Mount Royal Boulevard in Hampton was built by.

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