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Background[ edit ] The Duggars live in Tontitown, Arkansas , near Springdale , and originally appeared in several TLC and Discovery Health one-hour specials, mostly focused on four of Michelle’s last five deliveries. The couple met in the early s when Duggar and a fellow church member were sent for a follow-up visit after Michelle experienced a religious conversion. When they married, she was 17 and he was 19; neither attended college. Together they first launched a used-car business, then towing and real estate businesses, and both are licensed real estate agents. Their eldest child, Joshua , was born in They resumed using oral contraceptives after his birth but conceived again despite this precaution, Michelle miscarried. She has mentioned that they named that child Caleb, despite not knowing the baby’s gender. As a result, they decided to stop using birth control and allow God to determine the number of children they would have.

Jana Duggar Fans Question Her Love Life After Joy’s Wedding

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The Duggars star on TLC reality series “19 Kids & Counting.” The show follows Jim Bob, Michelle and their 19 children, whose ages range from 4 to Tebow is currently an NFL free agent who played for the Denver Broncos and the New York ://

Tweet I thought it might be Christmas morning when several Mommyish writers and readers alerted me to the fact that Jim Bob Duggar may be working on securing a husband for his daughter, Jana Duggar. From Jezebel via Star: And he and Michelle have already had secret meetings in Arkansas with Tebow’s mom! Can you imagine the press attention a Tim-Jana wedding would get? As the resident Duggar spinster, being a ripe 24 years of age, it is about time Jim Bob release her from servitude and I can’t think of anyone better than Tim Tebow.

He’s gorgeous, he’s Christian and he seems pretty with it. He could open up a whole new world for sweet, beautiful Jana. Hope with me that this is true and see below for all the reasons Jana should consent to this match made in hot football player heaven. If she’s going to be owned by a man, at least he should look like this. I must admit- I would not totally mind being “owned” by this guy.

Phew, I blacked out for a second. He might let her get edumacated. He went to college.

BREAKING NEWS — Tim Tebow: Swear to God, I’m Not Dating 19 Kids And Counting Daughter Jana Duggar!

I wrote these first three chapters or whatever you want to call them on another Tumblr of mine like, weeks before the Josh Duggar scandal happened and then I stopped. What was wrong with me? Why were my younger siblings Jill and Jessa married? I let the curl down and started on another.

Jana Duggar, the oldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, is once again in the spotlight due to photos on the family Facebook page. As is always the case, speculation and rumors regarding her romantic life

Nine of the 19 Duggar siblings are now adults whose forays into grown-up-dom would make for great TV. If you’ve never seen this show, imagine The Brady Bunch on steroids. The network ended the series in May when sex scandals tarnished the family’s devout reputation, but a three-part special about the Duggars aired in December and drew millions of viewers.

It seems audiences are still connecting with parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their massive brood of biological kids and grandkids. Rumors abound that TLC is considering a reboot of what was their number one program. Here’s what the oldest offspring have been up since the show’s last episode… Joshua James Duggar born March 3, The Duggars’ first born became one of the internet’s most hated people in when news emerged that the married father of four had a sinful side.

He admitted to using Ashley Madison, an online dating service specializing in extramarital affairs, and also to molesting five girls, including his sisters, when he was a teenager. As the scandal grew, Josh checked into a faith-based rehab center in Illinois while his wife and kids moved in with his parents in Arkansas. She claims Josh caused her “physical and emotional injuries” during X-rated trysts in Josh resigned from his position with the Family Research Council and publicly apologized for his actions.

She is neither married nor courting, and in the Duggars’ online scrapbook, Jana is the only member whose “future plans” entry is blank. Rumors circulated in that she was leaving Tontitown, Arkansas to attend a Christian college, but at the time of this writing, Jana was still living with her parents and studying midwifery. Gossip sites linked her romantically to former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, but it turns out the two had never even met.

Perhaps Jana should leave behind a glass slipper at her next Bible study.

Jana Duggar ‘brother boyfriends’ address ‘Counting On’ courtship rumors – Blasting News

Hollywood Gossip Jana Duggar might be the latest member of the Duggar family who is courting. Although nothing has been made official, there is some evidence that Jana is now courting longtime family friend Caleb Williams. Romper is reporting that Williams and Jana may have been courting since as early as October. Williams has been spending a lot of time with family patriarch Jim Bob, which is the first step in courting a member of the family. A post shared by Caleb Williams calebwill.

 · The Duggars are apparently tight with Tim’s religion-infused mom Pam after they connected at a fundraiser for the Loving Choices Pregnancy Centers

December 7, Mrs. This is a Duggar couple that apparently was not to be. This has been a very big year for the family, at least when you consider that Jill and Jessa Duggar were both married over the past year, and there have been quite a few headlines because of that. As a matter of fact, the tabloids were even able to craft a rumor about the former NFL quarterback dating Jana Duggar being at a speaking appearance alongside Duggar family patriarch Jim Bob and his wife Michelle.

Is there any truth to this? According to a source from Us Weekly , these two parties have not even met before, which of course makes the whole idea of them dating pretty darn impossible. Still, someone really wanted to speculate about this! Also, many of the children are getting closer and closer to adulthood, and that means the time of courting is going to be getting closer and closer.

Duggar family news: Is Jana Duggar dating?

Contributor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article Jana Duggar is often talked about because of her relationship status. She is the oldest female child and has not yet entered into a courtship. This has raised some concern for critics but fans know that Jana is just waiting for the right suitor to come along and sweep her off her feet. There have been a few names mentioned, including tim tebow.

As of now though, Duggar is still single. Courting rumors swirl for Jana Duggar There are constantly Rumors surrounding who Jana Duggar is courting at any given time.

 · TONTITOWN, Ark., Dec. 5 (UPI) –Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow are reportedly dating. Relationship rumors are flying about the year-old reality star and 27  › Entertainment News.

They first met at an ATI Conference in I believe Josh asked her to court in late or very early Anyways, they got engaged on Anna’s 20th birthday. Josh had apparently planned an outdoor proposal, but it got rained out because God hates child molesters. So he awkwardly asked her in the middle of her birthday dinner with her parents. After getting engaged they were finally allowed to hold hands.

Jana marry duggar dating web, photo gallery

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 · Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar could soon be a match, with reports that the Duggar family is pushing for their oldest daughter to date the former football star. Jana is the oldest daughter in the Duggar clan, and in a span of just a few months this year saw her younger sisters, Jill and Jessa, get married and leave ://

In a family that teaches the females their main job in life is to get married and have babies, is Jana openly rejecting that belief system or is she just waiting to meet the right guy? Most recently, the story was that she was dating family friend Caleb Williams after he appeared in various family photos and videos. A post shared by Caleb Williams calebwill. But, a rep for the athlete said that the two have never met, and it was simply a rumor that resulted from her parents meeting his mom, Pam.

Then there was Lawson Bates, one of the stars of Bringing Up Bates who is also part of a huge conservative Christian family. While it would have been a match made in reality TV heaven, it ended up being nothing more than a made-up fairy tale. Once the Bates rumor went away, next in line was Jonathan Hartono, another longtime family friend. But, he quickly shot down any suggestion that he and Jana were a couple. The Duggars apparently have a ton of family friends, and at the end of , eyewitnesses spotted Jana hanging out with Jacob Wilson a few different times, leading to the rumor that they were courting.

’19 Kids & Counting’ star Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow reportedly dating

A reality TV blog with a touch of snark. I just read the news that Jana Duggar and Tim Tebow are reportedly dating, and for some reason I am really excited! Okay, so why am I excited? Because Jana, the eldest Duggar daughter, has stayed home as her two younger sisters got married. All kinds of rumors flew, like that Michelle and Jim Bob are keeping her home to care for the kids and that she wants to hold off on dating until the show ends. I’m also excited because the phrasing of this article is that Jana and Tim Tebow are dating.

 · The Duggars have spoken. While Michelle and Jim Bob’s oldest daughter, Jana, 24, has yet to address rumors she is dating former NFL star Tim Tebow, her

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Who Is Tim Tebow Girlfriend

They have so much in common. They both come from Christian homes. They were both homeschooled. And they are both very attractive and, most importantly, single!

 · Wow, these two would DEFINITELY make a perfect couple! According to sources, 19 Kids & Counting star, Jana Duggar, is dating devout Christian and former NFL star, Tim ://

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Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend in 2017: Who is Tim Tebow Dating?

This rumor has been, more the most part, dispelled as a representative from Tim Tebow has formally stated that these two have never even met. So how could this rumor have started? Part of it is a report from Star Magazine that paired them together. The day after the meeting, Pam visited the Duggar family at the Druggar household. It really doesn’t take long for information, albeit false, to spread in the information age after these suppositions take effect. A source from InTouch has stated that “Jim Bob is no dummy.

 · Date/court a Duggar. Between all of this dating gossip with the Glee star and Taylor Swift, I think he should get linked up with one of the Duggar gals. I guess Tim Tebow could “court” a Duggar girl. 03/21/ Subject: Re:Tim Tebow should date a Duggar. the mini Duggars will need hefty reality show checks to get money or marry

As of late, especially now that her two sisters are married off and happily slaving away for their brainless Heads of Households, rumors have abounded regarding her status in the Duggar compound. She has been romantically linked to more than one famous fundamentalist…most notoriously, Tim Tebow. She has also been the subject of a rumor that she was outright leaving the show and the family to go to college. Though this publicity shot seems to indicate a subplot involving the girls discovering marijuana… One more rumor that struck me more than mot of the others, is an older one: But, while we all know the only escape out of the compound for a Duggar girl child is through marriage or death, is there truth to any of these romanticized rumors?

Or, is it possible that Jana is perfectly happy in her current spinster situation, slaving away for her creep of a father? Or, perhaps, is there something more that we are overlooking?

JANA DUGGAR & TIM TEBOW : Fans dying to see them wind up together